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Key Features and Technology

Impressions Textured Print Design

For your pool entry system, we offer "Impressions," a textured print design built for added comfort and safety to this high-traffic area. Made of strong 27 mil material, "Impressions" uses advanced methods of heat and pressure to provide a slip-resistant texture, while providing a cohesive, seamless look with the rest of your pool interior.*

*Impressions material hue may vary slightly in appearance.

Our TRUEDGE™ design technology enhances the visual appearance of your pool by eliminating the unnatural line of color at the top edge, above the tile of most pool interior surfaces, giving your sidewall the true look of tiling craftsmanship.

Select and Super Select Series

Upgrade your interior pool finish for additional protection against the elements and greater peace of mind:

  • Select Series features a 27 mil wall and a 20 mil floor thickness, for added protection where it's needed most.
  • Super Select Series offers a 27 mil wall and a 27 mil floor, giving you the ultimate protection.

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Key Features and Technology

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