Customer Support Information for Covid-19 From Imperial Pools, Saratoga Spa and The Vinyl Works

We have collected the following information to help guide our customers through this crucial time.

The success of our customers is very import to our organization. We have gathered the following information to help aide you however possible. Learn the steps we are taking to provide you with the best service possible in this ever changing situation.

Covid-19 News

State By State - Rules & Restrictions

Travel Restrictions, Advisories, and Recommendations by State

In addition to executive orders, this section lists recommendations, advisories, and requests related to interstate travel made by governors and state agencies in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.

Travel Restrictions, Advisories, and Recommendations by State


Breaking: Cuomo Expands Quarantine - 7/28/20


Covid-19 Resources By State

Links to resources available in each state to obtain additional COVID-19 information as it pertains to your locale.

Covid 19 Resources by State


Tips For Staying Healthy

Be Informed. Know Your Risks During Covid-19

Risk chart for common activities.

Covid 19 Resources by State


Curbside Water Analysis

The Vinyl Works Returns To Manufacturing - May 14, 2020

A phased in return to in-ground liner manufacturing has begun and the workforce has been recalled. 


Return To In-Ground Liner Manufacturing  - May 14, 2020

Return To Manufacturing Announcement - May 13, 2020

As May 15th quickly approaches N.Y. State will begin reopening regionally.  Although there is still some additional guidance to be cleared, we anticipate a return to manufacturing across all sectors as early as next week. During this most difficult time for all of us, we are truly thankful for your loyalty and support.


Anticipated Return To Manufacturing - May 13, 2020

Curbside Water Analysis

Curbside Water Analysis

We have produced a video for your use. It contains 5 easy steps for cubside drop off and pickup of water analysis. If you are not already, you can now offer free curbside water analysis for swimming pools and hot tubs. It will ensure social distancing and a safe process for your customers and employees.


Quick instructions on the different ways you can use this video for your website, social media accounts and many more.


Curbside Water Analysis


Download the MP4 file of the Curbside Water Analysis Video directly and use it to loop video for your store.


Curbside Water Analysis MP4 Download

Archive Of Covid-19 Customer Notifications

Archive Of Covid-19 Customer Notifications

All notifications regarding Covid-19 by date that have been emailed to our customer base.


Archives of Covid-19 Update

Center For Disease Control & Prevention

Can the COVID-19 virus spread through pools and hot tubs?

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. (


CDC Website