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Saratoga Steps

The Saratoga Step is the highest quality pool step available to the industry. We start with a thermoplastic sheet material of ABS with a pure white cap to form a one-piece integral step. This is a technologically advanced material designed to have excellent weather-ability and chemical stability as well as resistance level to acids, alkalis, and salts. It is also specially formulated with ultraviolet inhibitors to ensure long-term durability.

The Saratoga Step by Imperial Manufacturing offers more – more interior volume, more quality, more value. Our steps are designed to provide maximum area, maximum comfort and maximum utility. Demand more from your step – demand a Saratoga Step.

In addition to more room inside, the Saratoga Step’n’Spa boasts the patented Trimline collar, individual seating on radius model and the option of three perfectly placed hydrotherapy jets for total spa relief and relaxation.

Saratoga Step N Rest Pool Step
Radius Step-n-Rest
Saratoga Step N Rest Radius Pool Step

6 ft Swim-Out Step
8ft Roman Step
Saratoga Roman Pool Step
8ft Step-n-Spa
Saratoga Step N Spa Pool Step

8ft Radius Step-n-Spa Trimline
Saratoga Step N Spa Cantilever Pool Step
8ft Radius Step-n-Spa Cantilever
Saratoga Radius Step N Spa Cantilever Pool Step
Corner Step
Saratoga Corner Pool Step

2ft In-Wall Ladder
6ft Lazy Lounge
6ft Radius Lazy Lounge